Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review: Woolly and Tig - the App for iPad

This week, we have been testing a new app - Woolly and Tig - on the iPad.

It is based on the TV show of the same name. The app involves a very toddler-friendly spider called Woolly, who asks you to tickle him, and help him roll over. The game needs audio to work as all Woolly's instructions are verbal. 

There are six activities to play which are to get Woolly dressed, brush his teeth, wash his muddy face (which is the twins' favourite), fun in the rain, fun in the sun, and fun in the snow.

Each game is very simple and is easy for toddlers to handle. The twins (almost three years old) became experts in every activity after a couple of turns each. Woolly is a little slow to react - but only a little - and it does not detract from the play value. There's not much that Woolly can do each time, which is great for toddlers who tend to have fat finger issues and start jabbing the screen all over the place.

The graphics are bright and fun, and the twins really love playing with Woolly. Trouble Two (six years old) likes playing it too. 

The app costs £2.99 which is ok. The twins have had a few hours play each on it so far and they really enjoy it. They can do it without supervision too as there's not much they can fiddle with, which is good for if I need to nip out to the loo or put dinner on.

There is a parents area where you can set times to help your child learn routine - you can set the teeth brushing time for example, and co-ordinate brushing Woolly's teeth with your child's. As far as I can see, it sends a notification to your device to remind you when the time comes, but that's about it.

The app uses up a lot of power and crashed a few times when we first downloaded it but it seems to have settled down now. 

Overall, the twins really like their new 'spider game' and I would recommend it for fans of Woolly and Tig the TV show. 

Disclosure - We were sent a small payment to cover the cost of the app and a Woolly and Tig goody bag to enjoy.

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  1. I love Woolly and Tig, I am sure that A would absolutely love that app


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